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Wooden Fencing in Monmouth County, NJ

ALL types of fences can provide protection for your property and ensure security for your children and pets. Wood fences easily accomplish this, while also complimenting the architecture of your home or providing a scenic backdrop for landscaping.
Custom wood fencing is available in a wide variety of styles that can be used in many applications. The handsome appearance and ability to create a decorative boarder make custom wood fencing a good choice for your residential projects.
All custom wood fences are available in spruce, frontier fence new jersey fence companies privacy custom pool fencing security residential commercial aluminum wood pvc pressure treated, and cedar. These different species of wood have a difference in color, grain, and texture when new, but more importantly is the difference in their longevity. We can provide you information on this based on fact and experience so you can make a choice which best suits your needs.
Wood fences can be left unfinished to 'weather' naturally to a beautiful silvery gray, or they can be treated, stained or painted to add a contrast to your landscape while also increasing its potential longevity. CLICK HERE for Free Estimate.
Solid Wood Styles
Board on Board Styles
Spaced Picket Styles