People often ask what is the difference between PVC fence and vinyl fence. The short answer is they are the same. PVC is the acronym for Polyvinyl chloride and vinyl is the common term it is referred to as. In the early 1950’s ranchers in the Midwest became innovative when they started using recently developed PVC irrigation pipe as rails in ranch fencing. Quickly they discovered the durability and maintenance free aspect of vinyl and the first PVC fences were born. Vinyl rail fence continued to develop and became popular as a more maintenance free alternative to commonly used wood rail fencing. The late 1970’s and early 1980’s saw the first PVC residential style fences produced.

Today PVC fencing has developed into the most sought after fence material on the market. But with that comes its challenges for the consumer. It’s important for customers to realize that not all PVC fences are the same. Frontier Fence partnered with the manufacturer, Country Estate Fence, over 25 years ago. Country Estate Fence has been producing PVC fence for over 70 years and is one of a handful of highly respected leaders in the industry today. All fences materials and designs are tested and engineered by Country Estate to ensure durability and performance. All Country Estate Fences come with a lifetime warranty.

PVC fencing comes in a wide variety of styles. Privacy styles, semi-private styles and open picket designs are all available. Color choices are white, almond, gray and adobe. We also offer streaked and embossed finishes to give PVC a more natural look. Custom caps, custom designs, radius bent profiles, and color combinations can all be used to make your PVC fence unique, and best suit your environment.

There’s no doubt about it. PVC fences were developed to provide a longer lasting maintenance free alternative to wood fence. Frontier Fence is committed to only providing PVC materials of the highest quality so our customers can expect their vinyl fence to outlast wood fence several times over. No replacement costs, no maintenance and lifetime warranty makes PVC fence one of the best overall values for your fence needs.